Glen Nevis and Steall Falls Eco-friendly Tour

Go on an Adventure Exploring Steall Waterfall and Gorge

The best way of exploring the magic of Glen Nevis and Steall Falls is on foot. Often Steall falls is mistakenly called Glen Nevis waterfall, if your looking for the Glen Nevis waterfall you are in the right place.

Our journey will begin by meeting the N42 at Fort William Bus Station at 0930hrs. This service is run by family ran local business Sheil Buses. This summer service starting on the 5th July 2021 provides an important public transport link for tourists to Glen Nevis from Fort William. By using this service we will be helping to ensure it continues in the summers to come. We will also be reducing traffic impact and air pollution in this popular area.

Sheil Buses will take us to the start of our hike at the Lower Falls in Glen Nevis. The journey takes around 20 minutes.

Our timing for the return journey will depend on the day, how fast we walk and how much lingering we do. The options for returning are 1400hrs, 1500hrs, and 1700hrs.

Our day will be around 6hrs exploring the wonders of Glen Nevis and the wonderful Waterfall. The walk takes around 5 hrs at a very leisurely pace so there will be plenty of snack stops. There will also be plenty of photo opportunities to catch that epic waterfall. If you are looking for something a little shorter and suitable for the whole family then please take a look at my Glen Nevis and Steall Falls family adventure.

The guided walk itself is around 13 km long.

Even on a rainy day Glen Nevis and the waterfall are spectacular. There is plenty to look at from a stunning gorge,native woodland and views to the higher mountains surrounding the glen.

We can even cross the wire bridge if people are feeling brave to get right into the bottom of steall waterfall.

Steall Fall Video

Check out the power of the falls in this incredibly noisy video!  It’s even louder in person!

Steall Fall

The walk is on rocky,wet and rough paths so sturdy footwear should be worn. Waterproof Jacket and Over Trousers with some warm layers should also be taken.Lunch snacks and drinks for the day will also be required.

Coronavirus Precautions And Information

All trips will be subject to the government rules in place at the time of your holiday.

We will have to cancel or reschedule our trip if you are coming from a higher tier area than the location of your guided walk.This is necessary to protect ourselves and to protect the local and rural communities that we will be walking in.
All trips in 2021 that can’t go ahead because of restrictions will be offered the chance to reschedule or a full refund.

To protect ourselves and to maintain social distancing we will travel separately to the start of each walk. Where the walks are in popular destinations we may have to start early to ensure we have a parking space. 
On our walk it will be possible to practice social distancing between ourselves and other walkers.
Please ensure sure that each person in your group has access to their own hand sanitizer for the day. Although while we are walking there are minimal touch points, it may be necessary to open gates or use bridges using your hands. 
Face masks are not necessary while we are out walking together. However if you feel more comfortable wearing one it’s entirely up to you. 

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If you would like help to protect and conserve Glen Nevis Waterfall and Ben Nevis for future generations you can donate or join Friends of Nevis 

For further info contact us at